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Our Payout Rewards solutions allows your users to receive funds in seconds, directly to their debit card, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo account, any day of the week 24/7.
ACH Payouts
Bank Payouts
Debit Payouts
PayPal Payouts
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Instant availability of funds

Payout Rewards comes down to simplifying the processes, lowering cashout hurdles, and removing friction which allow for immediate and final settlement of funds.

Powerful, Scalable, and Easy to Use

Secure Tokenization

Card data is tokenized for security in our PCI DSS level 1 platform.

Recipient Choice

Let recipients choose their preferred payouts.

Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees, commitments, or minimums. Only pay what you spend.

Increased Security

Money transfers are made by an acquiring bank to a customer's card - no IBAN or BIC numbers necessary.
No Setup Fee
Get up and running in a few hours.
No Minimums and Pay only what you spend
Spend $10 or $1 million, simple and transparent pricing.
We never require any contract commitments or minimums.
24/7 Private Slack Channel Support
We’re always here for you.
Platform Usage Free
Setup Fee

Instant Payouts in Action

Our payout solutions are supported through our Redeem Link API and our Client Portal.

Client Portal

Single and bulk
Email or SMS payouts directly to your recipients
Create campaigns with a budget
Send and track your Redeem Link payouts

Simple and Powerful
Fully white label Redeem Link solution

10 minute API Integration
Let your recipients pick their payouts
Only pay when your recipient cashes out
Unlocking Payout Solutions
ACH Payments
ACH Payments
Push funds directly to your recipient's bank account via the automated clearing house network.
Instant Pay
Instant Pay
Send and receive money instantly with your existing VISA or MasterCard debit and ATM cards.
Real-Time Payments
Real-Time Payments
Deposit funds directly to your bank account in less than 60 seconds with our real-time payments solution.
PayPal, Zelle & Venmo Payments
PayPal, Zelle & Venmo Payments
Fast, secure, and seamless payouts using our PayPal, Zelle & Venmo payout options.
Create And Send Virtual Visa Cards

Send Virtual Visa cards, instantly in the USA.

Virtual Visa cards are created with a specified recipient and amount for every payment.
Send 1 or send 1,000, no matter the quantity, digital visa cards are delivered instantly.
Send to any email address, mobile phone number, or SMS.
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